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 Erik really knows his stuff. He is a truly an expert in his field, easy to work with, and results orientated. If you are looking for funding nationwide you really should give Erik a call. He has an incredible range of funding options available to suit every need. 


 Erik is a very detail oriented businessman and also he is some one who works constantly in order to get deals done at all times plus he is a great business partner 


 I have been in the real estate game a ling time and Erik is one of

those guys that is way above the norm. He is a forward thinker and thrives on adversity. I have learned many things from Erik 


 Erik knows real estate. He brings a variety of experiences to the table that help him see solutions to problems. I look forward to continuing to work with Erik. 


 Erik has always been a stand up guy that holds true to his word and has always been a pleasure to work with in the Real Estate deals we have done together. 


 Erik displays integrity, compassion, and drive. One meeting is all it takes to understand Erik's work ethics, and to know his best interest is in you and your projects. Looking forward to future ventures. Andy 

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 Erik and I worked briefly on a project evaluation in Texas; we determined the property was not in the investment parameters and moved to the next opportunity saving both time and money.  It was just a short period but I found Erik to be professional and focused and would pass his name to anyone seeking financing or a JV partner. 


 Erik is a pleasure to work with. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and does what it takes to get the job done. Try it, you'll like it! 


 Past transactions have proven Erik to be thoroughly professional with a high degree of dedication and an expert in his field.  I would recommend him for any of your investment financing needs.


 Erik Partridge is shining example of a dedicated and detail oriented professional that will provide you with outstanding service all the way. As a business associate he is a dream come true and I am delighted to recommend him anytime! 


 Erik Partridge has been very professional and time sensitive when it came to my clients need. 


 I have never worked with a more focused, determined individual. Erik is firm but fair and expects only the best from the people who works for him. He is honest and upfront and works hard to service his clients. If I needed someone to handle my personnel transaction I would ask Erik without hesitation. You can count on what he says will happens, happens. You may contact me at 801-830-3575 for questions.